Who Are We? - In-Demand Concierge Services
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Who Are We?


Urica Chevis is the Chief Executive Officer of In-Demand Concierge Services. She has over 20 years of pharmaceutical sales experience where she honed her selling skills as well as cultivating authentic relationships with customers. Working in an industry that can be tumultuous at times, she decided to start this concierge business back in 2016 as she realized there was a need for corporate and non-corporate clients to have access to highly-specialized assistance with a plethora of tasks and projects. So she created a business model that would afford different clients who were time-starved to select the service(s) most suitable for their need(s). This would give them the freedom they needed to tend to other affairs in life.


As a young girl, Urica’s mother always told her that she was very detailed-oriented, organized, and a perfectionist. She approached her education, playing sports, and taking on chores in the house with a spirit of excellence. Her friends used to tease her about how meticulous she was when they went shopping. But as time went on, they would seek her attention to detail when it came to purchasing clothes and shoes. 


Urica possesses a natural niche’ for helping others simplify their life. She has cultivated the gift of anticipation. She knows what the client wants even when they do not know for themselves. When she caters to the needs of her clients, it never feels like work to her. She treats their tasks as if they were her own. That feeling of complete accomplishment is nostalgic. She is solutions-oriented so any challenge that is bestowed upon her, she simply says, “Start with me and I’ll finish it!”


What We Do?

We provide customized services to meet clients’ needs, which will allow them to redirect their energy towards other priorities in their busy life.

Urica’s main goal is to ensure that the tasks are handled with the same level of flawless detail. Making life simple is what we strive to do no matter how big or small the task or project.